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If you suffer from chronic bunion pain, look no further than Ankle and Foot Medical Center. We provide top-quality foot care in Meridian and Boise, ID. We're known for our:

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Dr. Kinghorn, our local podiatrist, has performed more than 400 lapiplasty bunion surgeries and can fix your foot the right way. Call 208-344-3324 today to schedule an appointment.

Many people think bunions are just bumps on the side of big toes, but they're really the outcome of a serious joint deformity.

With a bunion, the joints in your big toe become unstable and throw your bones out of alignment. This deformity causes serious pain and discomfort, and can only be fixed through surgery. If you suffer from pain caused by a bunion, a podiatrist at Ankle and Foot Medical Center can help. We offer 3D Lapiplasty bunion surgery to realign your bone and secure your joint.

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