Nerve Related Foot Problems

Common Nerve Related Foot Problems

Neuroma: With neuromas the pain often occurs just behind the toes and can feel like aching, throbbing, sharp, tingling, burning, numbness, tenderness, or the feeling of a rolled-up sock in your shoe. There are many treatment options available for neuromas, so get your ball of foot pain checked out today!

Dorsal Neuritis: Dorsal neuritis is the impingement of the nerve branches providing sensation to the top of the foot. When the dorsal sensory nerve branches get compressed, the top of the foot can experience a range of annoying sensations, including the feeling like the top of your foot is being stabbed by a sharp object, a hot poker, or tingling like you laid on it wrong. There are several things that can cause pressure to the dorsal cutaneous nerves, so it is important to see your podiatrist!

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the posterior tibial nerve (the nerve in the bottom of the foot) is compressed. Along with the artery, veins, and tendons running in the same location in the inside of the ankle, the posterior tibial nerve is in constant competition for space! When the space becomes too tight, symptoms like shooting pain, numbness, tingling, or burning can occur on the inside of the ankle or the bottom of the foot.

Neuropathy: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage that results from diabetes. Neuropathy can include numbness, burning, tingling, and total loss of feeling. The nerve damage in your feet can lead to ulcerations and ulcerations can lead to amputations.

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